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            COVID-19 Updates

            DONATE :
            To support our
            COVID-19 efforts
            and our regular programming and special events, please visit our donation
            page at
            nada Helps

            ?As an Indigenous agency, Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre, continues to serve the community in the downtown core of Toronto for the commitment to, their health, safety and well-being.

            For the last 1.5 years we have been doing our part to mitigate the tastrophic effects that COVID-19 has had on Ontario and specifilly Toronto.

            While most of our community members and clients find themselves in the downtown area, there are many more that are serviced on the outskirts of the city. It is unfortunate that our clients, who are marginalized, homeless, and those at risk of homelessness, by the vary nature of their circumstance depend upon the support services of our collective agencies. As a result of that component, we currently provide over 55,000 meals annually.

            This pandemic has made it difficult for us to organize as it brings additional challenges to our Centre, which is annually underfunded. This new extraordinary demand generated by COVID-19 has required us to purchase and access protective equipment, medil equipment, sanitization supplies, and added health and safety supports. We have also experienced an increase in demand on our already challenged food supplies. Daily meals, through pick up and deliveries have essentially doubled as we have tried to meet the demands of our seniors and clients who have self isolated and the homeless who pick up scheduled take-out meals.

            SOCIAL MEDIA

            Stay up-to-date on our COVID-19 responses by following
            our social media pages.

            The Spirit Garden project responds in part to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of nada ll to Action 82, for governments to commission and install a Residential Schools Monument in each pital city to honour residential school survivors, and all the children lost to their families and communities. Nathan Phillips Square was selected as a publicly accessible, highly visible lotion to celebrate the resilience of survivors and their families with space for teaching, learning, sharing and healing. Loted in the heart of downtown Toronto, this transformation integrates Indigenous culture, symbols and plantings within nada’s largest urban centre. With pedestrian linkages to City Hall, Osgoode Hall, and Queen Street West, the site is positioned to impact millions of visitors.


            Thousands take part in Every Child Matters Walk to honour residential school victims, survivors

            Every Child Matters Page   Information, Resources, Media

            Toronto Star Article  ...the march was organized by Toronto Council Fire, a cultural centre in Toronto that supports and uplifts First Nations people in Toronto.

            Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre

            439 Dundas Street East

            Toronto ON M5A 2B1


            Tel.: 416.360.4350

            Fax:  416.360.5978


            Charity # 10525-5244 RR0001

            Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri   9 AM to 5 PM

            (Extended Hours for Special Programming)


            Main Entrance: 439 Dundas St. E. at Parliament


            Gathering Place Entrance: Parliament St. side

            at Dundas

            Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre ? 2021

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